You have done this before, and you did well

You have done this before, and you did well

March 13, 2020
You have done this before, and you did well. That statement is true for every person, at every time, and in every situation. Your world is collectively moving through a transition to expand and become more. You are doing the same in your life. It does not feel to you that is what is occurring as you are moving through fear, challenges, and difficulties. Now your selective memory will serve you well. What we mean is to examine those moments of your past where you thought everything was falling apart, including you, yet you moved through it all. And in every instance, each of you gained a greater sense of who you are. That is evolution and what you and the world are doing now.

When you draw upon your previously experienced difficulties, you will discover how you thrived despite or because of them; and you strengthen your resolve now. Roger remembers his personal pandemic of thirty years ago and is offering his experience to each of you, and each of you is to provide it to others. Roger decided to defy the odds, believe something other than what appeared to be happening, and then thrived. You will all do this now or eventually. It is always your choice. Be in your moment of now, now.


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