You have chosen limitation

You have chosen limitation

November 24, 2019

You have chosen limitation. That sentence is true for every human, but it is also necessary and purposeful. First of all, if you believe that you were born as an unlimited being and you are experiencing any manner of limitation in your life, it means that you have chosen it. Now you don’t always know why you have done this, but a little examination on your part will always reveal it to you.

Roger didn’t want to talk about this as when he and you become aware of this you may tend to judge yourselves, and that is not helpful. You chose limitation because it was all that you could see, or it was what was in front of you. We gave Roger a wonderful visual in a video. Try to image a hamster in a cage. His enjoyment is found in continuously running around in a wheel. They have no idea what exists outside of that wheel, so they accept that limitation. You all have done that. When Roger attempted to ignore this writing, we “arbitrarily” placed a video in front of him that spoke of limitation, and he knew he couldn’t let it go, and he exclaimed an expletive. You all do that too when you try not to hear the guidance you are given.

Yesterday Roger made the connection between what he has recently studied on brain activity and, more specifically, neuroplasticity. He thought it was the most interesting to understand how humans program themselves to certain behaviors and ways of being. Roger then realized we have been giving him that information for decades, but we called it focused attention. You can search the messages and see how many times we have done so. Then Roger saw elements of his personal life coming into alignment and realized that it was an occurrence that he and others did not believe was possible because they all chose limitation.

Then Roger had scheduled a live video feed but was unable to make it at the designated time. But when he did get there, several people were waiting with anticipation, and he thought they couldn’t be waiting just for him because he had chosen limitation. There were several other incidents throughout the day. Still, he received one comment that he interpreted as negative, and despite all the “good” things that had happened, he used his focused attention on that single comment. Now he knew how he had been creating his limitation, and now you will find yours. (Roger asked us to make our messages shorter, and we will do our best, smile)


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