You have been attempting the impossible

You have been attempting the impossible

May 6, 2019

You have been attempting the impossible, as do most others. You kept hearing the word impossible and then remembered your own admonition that nothing was indeed impossible. However, when you think of it in the context in which we intended, this will make sense.

Imagine that you were born with specific things you desired to accomplish or achieve in your life, and for that to occur, all manner of people, events, and circumstances would align to aid you on your quest. Then, when you think of what you set up personally, you will also know why your approach has been attempting the impossible.

You wanted to know, demonstrate and teach that you all have new and different information to offer to the collective that would support your world in its evolution, but then you want to know you are right or that what you believed was true, before you do whatever that is or was. That is impossible.


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