You have always known who you wanted to be, but you may be deciding to do it now

You have always known who you wanted to be, but you may be deciding to do it now

February 16, 2021
You have always known who you wanted to be, but you may be deciding to do it now. We will give you such an incredible story to inform that title. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring, and we have also said you have done this many times before, which is also why we continually offer assurance by saying you will be fine.

Last night before retiring, Roger opened a video from his friend Kathy Eldon who held an online event on Valentine’s Day of which Roger was unaware. His recognition of that was a further indication of his prior knowledge of who he was meant to be and his continual resistance to doing so, as you may have done in your life.

As Roger watched the recording, he began to put together more pieces of his life. Kathy began reading our messages more than ten years ago and immediately began offering Roger confirmation of how powerful they were for her. What Roger saw last night was someone on the same "mission" as Roger, so of course, she recognized Roger, but he was not yet ready to acknowledge himself. We hope you understand what we are telling you.

Roger now saw that his guides have always been around him as they have for you. But now, due to this restructuring, they are more apparent for you. As we said a while ago, your self-discovery can be unnerving. Roger received an email yesterday from a client where they followed the personality test and told Roger that they now understood themselves more and knew how Roger recognized who they were.

Roger does not know why he does certain things, but when he listens to us and does them, the results are the ones he desired. So we told him to search for the first time Kathy contacted him, and we will post the one he found here, and it will "eerily" make sense. You will be fine.

April 10, 2012
You always receive that for which you ask; however, the form in which it manifests may be quite different from what you had previously thought. You are often focused on the specific form you expected to manifest, and therefore do not notice you have received your desire. Because of this, you cannot express your gratitude, which would cause even more of that to manifest.

All of this is to say that you would do well to broaden your vision, thinking and flexibility. When you do this, you will begin to notice all those manifestations of precisely what you desired have miraculously been delivered.

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