You first, to me first

You first, to me first

May 13, 2017

You first, to me first. That is referring to the particular path you have chosen to take in your life. Many people do this, but it is helpful for you to understand the process.

When you first hear you first, it may conjure all manner of memories or ideas. You can think of being with childhood friends where those words either become a dare, a directive, or a request for an example that might serve as proof something could be accomplished.

Now as an adult those two words, when used by you, could indicate you have allowed yourself to be halted by fear, or that whatever is to be done, created, or accomplished, might be better left in the hands of someone else.

Then you progress enough in your life and remember your desire was to become more. You want to expand. You seek to contribute. You want to be authentic. And you now know for sure the only way to do this is to say and own, “me first.”.


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