You fear freedom more

You fear freedom more

November 13, 2017

This message may come as a bit of a surprise to you, and even the title you have chosen to give it may seem confusing. This scenario will begin to explain it.

You go through your life performing what you think are great works to you, so to speak, of uncovering all those things you thought were keeping you from having what you wanted, and you discovered how many of them were just illusions you began to believe. Now as you move through this process, you can start to see there is nothing in your way so there no longer any reason to not go for what you desire, but somehow you still feel “stuck” as you articulated.

The reason this occurs for you is twofold. First, you know that taking whatever next step is before you will lead you into that unknown you have come to fear. Then secondly you also know that taking this action will require you to accept new responsibility which always comes with new awareness.

Acknowledge this part of the process, decide you will move through it, and embrace the fear as you do it. You will amaze yourself.


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