You don’t trust yourself

You don’t trust yourself

December 1, 2018

You don’t trust yourself. That sentence is the answer to every question that you and others ask yourself in an attempt to figure out why you are not living the life you desired.

We are now going to take over this message as Roger is having difficulty as the syndrome was so apparent within him. Here is a story to illustrate the point that will help all of you.

In 2005, he experienced a dream where he felt as if he was
volunteering for some mission, and he questioned why he would do that. Then as he recalled from the dream, he attempted to pretend it didn’t occur or he could forget it, but he could not. Now the recognition of the truth now coming forth showed him he was not delusional, but now he experienced regret because he didn’t believe himself earlier. You all do this. You will have an idea, and instinct, or an intuitive feeling, and then immediately discount it because it feels so strange to you. And you dare not let anyone else know you have thought those things for fear of judgment. Now you have blocked yourself from receiving any guidance or information that would allow you to live your lives more fully.

You will know if you are doing this because this message will cause you to become uncomfortable, but that very uncomfortable emotion also means you are now willing to trust yourself.


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