You don’t believe you should be happy

You don’t believe you should be happy

October 9, 2019

You don’t believe you should be happy. That sentence is true for each of you, but the condition itself also holds purpose. You may argue that you do want to be happy, but if that were true, you would never doubt doing what you feel called to do in your life, and you would divest your time and energy into doing things that cause you to feel joy.

Now we will explain why this condition holds purpose. As you discover you are not happy, you will seek to do something that will alleviate that emotional, and sometimes physical pain. The only manner in which you will change this is by doing what causes you to be happy and is innate to you. Now you are deliberately causing your evolution, and giving that gift to all that is.

Roger counseled several others yesterday to pursue and implement this thinking, while also doubting himself. What causes Roger to be happy is helping others to come to understand this. Now he is even going to follow his own advice, as he desires for you.


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