You don’t believe what you see

You don’t believe what you see

November 26, 2018

You don’t believe it when you see it. You had difficulty allowing this message to come through because it was almost embarrassing for you. You and others hold, at least intellectually, the idea that
visualizing what you desire is an effective way for you to use your thought power of creation. But what you noticed this morning were all manner of ideas, encouragements, directives, and requested information coming forth, and your first instinct was to deny that it was real or happening to you.

As you now notice the difficulty you had accepting things you could see, feel, and hear in your now reality, you can understand the challenge you and others face when attempting to use visualization. We will now give you something else you might find difficult to believe. We had your friend say to you last night a phrase we will shorten here; dreams of what you want are clues.


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