You didn’t understand yourself until now

You didn’t understand yourself until now

April 3, 2020

You didn’t understand yourself until now. Those words are meant for every person who reads them. Your world is now causing each of you to remember who you are. That is why we have been yelling about it for some time. A recent review of our messages reveals this to you.
Yesterday we told you Roger could not find his folder from 2005. Then we said he would, which he did, and now the significance of this will make sense to you all. Every human doubts who they are during their lives, but that is purposeful! Yes, we wanted the exclamation point for emphasis. Not one of you is left out of this equation.

This morning we awakened Roger with a bit more "noise" than usual as we had a lot to say, but we will temper ourselves. After all, you will have more time with us now. Also, we have given Roger enough information over the years that none of you could possibly consume it all.

The reason we wanted Roger to find the folder from 2005, was to pull from it any message and post it at the end. It will make sense. Then we told Roger to do three, no make it four things, and we will use names. One, apologize to Jebran for not offering more guidance last night, as Roger knew that guidance would help as Roger had experienced those frightening times. The apology is not necessary, but it causes Roger to acknowledge he is withholding what he knows. Each of you will recognize this within yourselves. Also, read him your notes from 1994.

Next, tell Jarid that he couldn’t connect with Roger, or us earlier because he was to trust himself, as he did, and would only receive a confirmation from us when the time was right, which was last night. Thirdly, tell Kam that her use of onward and upward is what she is moving to and offering, and none of it is accidental. Finally, thank Rita for her opposition. In other words, for all of you, any opposition or resistance you experience from others in your lives, helps you to know who you are.

You all are in this moment of time awakening your humanity. We will continue to help you all through this time.

August 8, 2005

You are indeed moving to a place in your life where you are much more willing to accept your very own unique and individual gifts, while at the same time recognizing that all creatures have this ability. With this new awareness and acceptance comes resistance. The resistance is your ego’s way of trying to survive, as you well know. You will make the most expedient progress in this arena when you acknowledge the resistance, and then "gently" make the decision to make a new choice. This is an ongoing process in your life and the lives of all. When you embrace it without fear, you do experience pure "Love." Examine all that comes to you willingly so that you avail of the opportunity of "choice." In this manner, you gradually and steadily let go of tension and fear that heretofore prevented you from experiencing your life more fully. After all, that is truly a purpose-driven life. Experience that.


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