You didn’t believe yourself

You didn’t believe yourself

July 5, 2019

You didn’t believe yourself. You all will come to know the truth of that statement, and you would be wise to attempt to understand this now before you leave your physical body. It’s much more fun that way. You had trouble receiving this message because it didn’t make sense, but that will cause it to be more poignant. It felt like new information, yet it was not. We attempted to give it to you in the message “Mental Acceptance.”

You recently experienced the manifestation of results in your life that you wanted, and at the same time couldn’t believe or accept fully that you had a hand in the creation. It is your life, so how could it be anything else? Here is what you all want to understand. You become hypnotized by your old selves that you don’t accept and thereby cause to expand, your new abilities. You will.


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