You didn’t believe you could be that powerful before

You didn’t believe you could be that powerful before

September 20, 2020
You didn’t believe you could be that powerful before. That sentence is a statement of your continued existence as well as that of evolvement. We went to extraordinary lengths to bring you this message. First, we had Roger’s roommate awaken him early this morning, which then caused Roger to become alert to our guidance, which led him to a video and then showed him another video that enthralled Roger. The funny thing is, he understood it. It was entitled, "The Way of Mastery."

Roger wondered why he had not "stumbled" upon this video earlier, and we said because it wasn’t the right time, and you would not have understood it before. That is how each of you progresses throughout your lifetimes. Each time you live, there is more you come to understand, and therefore accept. All of evolution is merely another level of acceptance and allowance.

Yesterday Roger had the grand idea to create another webinar, but this time it felt different for him as he knew he wanted to give something away, as is his nature, but he didn’t completely understand how this little act will change his life. That is the point of this lovely story. Actually, it will not change his life but bring it into view. From the last webinar, Roger saw how his words inspired and motivated others, and it all came from him sharing his life, which Roger does not know how meaningful this will be. None of you accept your importance fully as you live it, but that also causes you to progress more when you realize the power you hold.

We told Roger that he has worked on this for lifetimes, and now it is coming about finally, and even though it is yet to manifest, he does not doubt the way to go. Each of you will come to believe this about yourselves and your life journey.

We will also add that more of you are doing this now because you are being urged to do so by your world’s current conditions. Please understand that the timing of this for you and in your life is not accidental. Decide to believe you are that powerful in this lifetime.

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