You didn’t believe Jesus either

You didn’t believe Jesus either

March 18, 2020

You didn’t believe Jesus either. We must say it took Roger an incredibly long time to allow us to use those words as he never wants to be controversial. But we, on the other hand, don’t think quite in that manner. Our goal is always to provide you with information that might ease your physical life journey.

Understand that Roger began consciously receiving our information in 1988, and none of you were involved. We said consciously because he, as all of you, have guides with you your entire lives, but you pretend you do not hear their guidance. Now in 2005, when others began reading our words, Roger found himself continually censoring what we might say. He thought he was doing that to protect you all in some way, but actually, he was avoiding being himself, as each of you has.

The other day we gave you a message about dying, which was a precursor to this one. Roger thought this morning we were leading him back to that one, but we were not. We wanted him, and you, to see another, and please pay attention to the date as it corresponds to your world now. To explain our title of this message, what we meant was your only fear now is of your impending physical death. Jesus and we said that never occurs, but what you are asked to do, as Roger was guided through this message, is change and be yourselves, finally! Yes, we were yelling.

November 16, 2015

This one will require contemplation on your part. Times of tragedy always occur, and in what may seem like a strange manner to you, they also actually cause you to evolve. This is true in your personal experience as well as that of your world.

You find this difficult to know or believe as you are in the midst of the tragedy, and it is precisely at those times where you would do well to study your history, and that includes your personal history and that of your world. You will see periods where millions of people perished, or you personally suffered a great loss. All of them eventually lead to a new awareness and, thus, evolution.

This has occurred and will occur throughout your history and that of mankind. Your "job" now is to hold the belief of your expansion to come, and that of your world.

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