You created the difficulty

You created the difficulty

August 16, 2019

You created the difficulty. That sentence may feel a bit harsh to you. However, you will only ever come to know your power once you accept it as being true. A few days ago, we reminded you of the story of the manifestation of your car, in the hopes it would spark your
understanding of manifestation. You still didn’t believe it until today when you pulled off the same stunt.

Then we placed someone in your experience for you to observe who seemed just to allow whatever they wanted to come to them. You could feel your envy at that realization. But now we have brought you to an even greater awareness. You have eliminated your difficulty so that you will sit in the place we gave you some time ago.

Now this will be fun. Read the message, “Eventually, you will run out of excuses.” This will be a great day.


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