You could not have known how powerful you are

You could not have known how powerful you are

July 9, 2020
You could not have known how powerful you are. We must say, Roger, is giving us far more latitude than ever before to bring through this information even when he is not sure where we are taking him. That is the faith you attempt to find and develop.

You will find great value in this message, and you should read it twice for the most benefit. Once thinking of yourself, and then again thinking of your world at this time. The sentiment of this message should be evident. How could you expect to know the kind of power you hold before you experienced it? You see, that is why you born. We are pointing this out as you each will know the meaning of these words eventually, for no human can have been born fully actualized. Yet, many times you expect that of yourself, and that line of thinking slows your evolvement.

Some time ago, we told Roger to protect his time. He didn’t know what we meant, until yesterday. Roger has felt an enormous calling to be of service and help others, and when he is in that state of mind, he calls on us for guidance, which requires high concentration from Roger, and is mentally and physically exhausting. When Roger began to feel the effects of what we warned, he feared maybe there was some other reason he might be run down. That mistaken belief would elicit fear of some deadly disease overtaking him, and so many of you allow yourself that type of velocity in your thinking, which is not helpful.

Yesterday Roger was experiencing pain in his shoulder, which is not new, but it was intensified. Roger has carried this for years. When he mentioned this to his roommate, his friend said it is old stuff being worked out of your body. You may not understand that, but they both did. Roger has had more than his share of uncomfortable mind-body experiences, so this concept was not new. When you withhold who you are, your body can manifest physical symptoms such as pain to alert you. Roger tried to work out the pain with massage and a topical solution. Roger was not sure he could sleep, yet he did, and this morning, he is gingerly moving around as he is in a bit of disbelief that it might be working.

You each have done this in your lives. You might risk believing something, act upon it, receive the result even, and then doubt that you did that. You see, as you realize you were more powerful than you thought, you must change to accept and embody that, and here is where you run into difficulty. The old fear of change and the unknown. Now when you look at yourself and the world, you will find more compassion and understanding. We know this is "deep," but you will have fun coming to understand it.

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