You could choose to heal the world

You could choose to heal the world

February 21, 2021
You could choose to heal the world. We struggled with Roger for quite a while to get him to write those words because he, like you, does not believe that statement is possible. But then we told him that is because you do not understand where your world exists, and that is within you.

You are here now to facilitate healing within yourself which means total acceptance of who you are. You have never done this and do not want to. For if you did, your evolution and that of your world would end. These words will make sense to you, but right now, we want you to accept the possibility that maybe you have been here before. And just maybe you are attempting this time to accomplish more which is your individual healing which affects all the world, for you are all one. That last sentence is the one you all are putting more into place during this restructuring.

We will give you one story Roger attempted to avoid, which may awaken you to your avoidance in this life. Roger has often exhibited what we call false humility, meaning he does not want to speak on certain accomplishments for fear of boasting. That behavior has been his way of not achieving the healing he desired in this lifetime.

Yesterday Roger had a client sent to him by another client for that client sensed Roger could help this individual with his stuttering. When the session began, this new client could barely speak any words with clarity. Roger had an understanding of this condition, some of which he had a conscious awareness due to his grandmother, who stuttered. But there was another part of him that knew what to do intuitively. You each have this ability.

Within one half-hour, this individual, now twenty-four years old who said they stuttered since childhood, read a full paragraph without stuttering. Roger asked him if he had noticed what occurred, and the client said, "I read an entire paragraph without stuttering." Roger knew even though practice would still be needed; healing had occurred.

What you are up to in this restructuring is finding the lack of belief you have held about yourself and decide to move beyond it, and you will do your part in healing the world. There will always be more, and you will be fine.

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