You can’t stop now

You can’t stop now

October 8, 2019

You can’t stop now. While you know we don’t believe in the word can’t, we are using it to refer to a dream, an idea, or the ideal person you each desired to be or manifest. Some time ago, we spoke of the book, “Three Feet from Gold.” The book recounted several stories of individuals who had sought to discover their personal gold, only to stop just before it was realized. You all questioned why that would occur, and there is an aspect you have overlooked, which will help explain it. That aspect is linear time.

You always live with limited awareness, from which you are creating. Then what shows up in your experience are manifestations from earlier limited thoughts. Now you begin creating with a new awareness, but you also believe in linear time. Your new creations will manifest as well, but you are looking at the old manifestations, and think something has gone wrong, and it has not. Now don’t stop.


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