You can’t make this stuff up!

You can’t make this stuff up!

September 13, 2019

You can’t make this stuff up! That is the title Roger wanted us to begin with as it is one that he often uses as it allows his
consciousness to be a little more open to receiving the information. It puts it into kind of a fantasy that seems to be a bit more fun for him as it might be for all of you.

First of all, let us explain. When we use the pronoun we, it is to indicate an information source that is beyond what you know right now. You all have this ability except you don’t always access it, as Roger hasn’t, which makes him a wonderful deliverer of this information from us.

We gave him a great example yesterday. He went to a party, and while speaking to his friend Peter, he was informed of information about Mary Baker Eddy. She was the founder of Christian Science, which many of you know, was the religion in which he was raised. He always held a reverence for her, and his entire religion held a reverence for him, in a remarkably stayed way. It always felt very formal, which always felt inaccessible. It felt outside of the realm of what he could imagine himself being. What he discovered last night is that she was human, as all of you. But the problem that you all have is placing those who have come before in such high esteem that you believe you can’t access it. You have done this with most of your elders, teachers, and guides.

This message could go on forever, but we will end it now with something that for those of you who follow through, might find information to change your lives.

Go to the website, Place in the search bar hierarchy. Read all the messages that come up in succession. While this precise configuration is for Roger, you will not miss the continuity for you.


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