You cannot be in a wrong place

You cannot be in a wrong place

August 10, 2018

You cannot be in a wrong place unless you believe you are. As you decipher that sentence, you will come to understand your own experience and help all others. You have orchestrated magnificent events in your, and because you are accustomed to only appreciating things after they have been made manifest or seen, you become impatient with your now experience.

Your situation right now in your life holds this for you. You wanted to attend an event that you felt was important but because you could not, you received an acknowledgment from others that you would be missed, and therefore received appreciation you thought never existed. Then you recognized through that same incident, your tendency to go back in your life which is never possible, and you knew right then you were resisting the very future you wanted.

The truth and evidence of this message will be seen quite soon in your life.


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