You cannot be in a wrong place in your life

You cannot be in a wrong place in your life

April 26, 2010

You cannot be in a wrong place in your life. You tried to resist writing these words, and your actions will provide greater
understanding for you and others. While we appreciate the manner in which you interpret our communications for the benefit of your readers, this message we are directing to you precisely.

You believe and continually counsel others to understand that their life situations and experiences are perfectly designed to enable them to accomplish what they desired in their lives. Then you turn around in the next moment and doubt that is true for you. You do understand all of this, but you need a little reminder which we will happily provide.

Every person who is born does so with an intention of making a contribution to the expansion and evolution of your world. For that to occur, you require variations of beings, life experiences, desires, and goals. The combining of all these ingredients create that cake we told you about some time ago. Every ingredient is essential as are you. As you and others study this message, illumination will ensue.

(The cake message:


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