You can see unfoldment

You can see unfoldment

July 21, 2019

You can see unfoldment. Roger has been attempting to consolidate this message as so much information is coming through, but we will help. We will also make a bold statement now. Those of you who choose to accept and understand this message will unlock a greater part of you.

Yesterday Roger lamented that our communications were becoming challenging to transcribe because of the rapidity of the information coming. His associate suggested he try talk to text, also in anticipation for our next book. He decided to practice a bit and the words, “you can see unfoldment,” came through; from us, of course. He didn’t understand it, but his morning, he discovered the theory of unfoldment. He recognized that was occurring for him, and it does for you all.

Here is the part we so desire all of you to internalize. For many months, Roger was in a state of confusion because he couldn’t understand elements of a personal relationship. Now because he was in that place of not knowing for sure what was occurring, he had liberty to make up a story based on scant evidence he acquired. You all do this in your lives. He then discovered the truth of the story, and recognized the story he had made up was one where he was wrong, undeserving, and even crazy for being in the relationship itself. You all make up your own stories, but why would you choose ones that cause you emotional pain?

We want him to acknowledge what he has accomplished, take a victory lap, and pat himself on the back for this achievement that he also wants you to have. He endured endless judgment from himself and others. He wandered in the dark for quite a while, but the only thing he clung to was the belief that no matter what was occurring, how odd and confusing it seemed, it was all designed to lead him to his highest good or unfoldment. The same is true for you all when you begin to make up different stories, namely the ones you want. There will be more.



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