You can only change your future

You can only change your future

May 5, 2019

It took quite a while for you to allow this message to come through, but now you will also understand why. You kept hearing the phrase, “you can only change your future.” The truth of those words resonated for you, but also elicited other emotions such as sadness, regret, and anger. Those emotions came up to alert you to old behavior you are attempting to move beyond. You also know that you wanted to experience this as it is essential to the work you intended, but yet it is still uncomfortable for you, as it has always been. Today we will help you gain clarity.

You found yourself examining a current situation in your life; recognizing your part in creating the aspects that do not please you, and then you wanted to get rid of those feelings, so you look for something or someone to blame. Now because you also know that manner of thinking is dis-empowering, you are then left with
self-examination. You know you cannot change what occurred, and to spend any time attempting to do so is wasted, and you could have been utilizing that time to create the future you desire.

Here is the part you did not see coming. You have engaged in this behavior, as do so many because then you believe would not have to change. You wanted the change; just do it.


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