You begin to hear faster

You begin to hear faster

June 10, 2018

This message will be longer than usual, but it is also important. The words you begin to hear faster were used in that combination because it is not typically the manner in which you think of those senses, so hopefully, you will be inspired to think differently as well.

You were having difficulty receiving this message because the concept is confusing, but you found a brilliant analogy. You were watching a television program last night you had previously viewed. It stood out to you that some scenes you remembered, and others were new
discoveries. You have all had experiences of this nature which is why you see movies again or reread a book.

Then yesterday you were criticized by another because you revealed an awareness that they felt you should have had or known so long ago. Now, that judgment is precisely what you and others do to yourself all the time, and it slows down your progress because you think you have been doing something wrong because you didn’t understand that not knowing was the only manner you could experience knowing now.

When you fully understand this message, you will also feel a sense of relief because you know the process of evolving more, and you decide to be easy on yourself which accelerates your progress. You will then understand how you begin hearing faster.

There’s more. You said to another last night that you kept hearing the phrase, “you had to experience insignificance before you could create significance,” but didn’t understand the meaning. The interpretation is, you come to know that everything in your life that you worried about was insignificant, and then you become significant. Contemplate.


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