You are the only problem

You are the only problem

November 5, 2019

You are the only problem. Roger wanted us to find a nicer title for this message, but we refused because he, like most of you, attempt to deny this fact. We will give you a bit of a reprieve. You being the only problem is how the evolution of the world and you occur. The reason you are the problem is you believe fear and have been doing it most of your life. Imagine the idea of a baby learning to walk. You can see the trepidation or unsureness as they take that first step. You continue this behavior throughout your life.

The other part of this message comes from Roger’s father, as today is his birthday. Decades ago, Roger was heavily involved with receiving personal counseling and came to the conclusion that the difficulties he experienced in his life were due to his father’s poor parenting skills. Roger thought the best plan of action was to confront his father on this issue. Roger said his piece, and his father looked him directly in the eyes and said, “you had it better than most.” Roger could not argue with that, but now he found himself in a quandary because he no longer had anyone to blame.

Even that realization did not cause him to change as he found new excuses. We will pull it all together now, and this is the part Roger knew was coming but didn’t want to see it. We gave him, and you, a message a while ago entitled, “You Always Now.” He doesn’t remember the exact contents of that message now, which will make this fun. The reason we are giving it to you now is that Roger has seen all of his excuses being removed, and know he, and you, can no longer ignore this. You’re welcome.


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