You are specific and human

You are specific and human

May 4, 2019

Acceptance and understanding of this message will aid you and others who choose to receive it, to fulfill your life purpose. We want you to deliver the details of what you heard in their entirety.

We awakened you at 3:30 AM, and you kept hearing the word specific. Then, as we usually guide you, you searched for the definition and then applied it to yourself. As you did that, you also knew more fully who you are. Then you came away with the title for this message, “you are specific and human.” You, my friend, were born to live this message and help others do the same.

You noted to a friend that is was becoming almost painful to block this information. Now you see the human part, and the challenge you all have. You don’t want to appear different so, you try to fit in even though all of you were born specific. We know that is a strange usage of those words, but exactly how we want you to accept them.

As you were attempting to read what you had written to type this message, you felt us take over your typing, and you can’t even read what you wrote. We did that because the human you still struggles to accept who you are. Another first for us! You “stumbled” upon a video this morning that stopped you in your tracks because the recognition you received was undeniable. Place that link here! Anyone who knows you now will understand more, as hopefully, so will you.


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