You are smarter now

You are smarter now

June 10, 2019

Yes, you are smarter now. You attempted to avoid this topic as it didn’t seem to make sense to you, but coming to understand it now will serve you and all others. You have recently had several experiences where it seemed to you there was a “new” wisdom coming through. Now because this is a new place for you or something unknown, you do inject a bit of fear rather than deciding to embrace your new self.

The incident that was most telling for you was being in conversation with your brother yesterday. He told you about a current experience he was having, and you understood it all on an energetic level and delivered that information to him. He told you how accurate your assessment was and how quickly you were able to offer clarity. You didn’t even notice you had done this.
This morning we had you read something we had given you that is in your new book, and the essence was, what you focus upon increases. Focus on being smarter, but decide to accept it as well.


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