You are right, and so are they

You are right, and so are they

August 28, 2020
You are right, and so are they. Yesterday we told you more of the restructuring of your world would be revealed, and Roger wondered how that would occur, and he even posed the question to his friend. Then last night, he saw it right in front of him, and surprisingly it was within his family.

The family was having one of their pretty regular Zoom meetings, and at some point, the conversation turned to politics. Of course, we speak of the United States, for as we mentioned, you are leading the way. Each member had an opinion that they felt strongly about and, at times, could not hear the others’ views. In the beginning, Roger was pretty quiet but then began to speak up. He said he was making his decisions based on how they will define his life, and ultimately his life purpose. You each are doing that. Even if you think you are not involved in politics, that is not true, or you would not be here.

All of your life experiences occur to provide you with a context to choose who you want to be. That creative sentence refers to the restructuring we mentioned, and none of it is right or wrong, and none of your individual opinions are right or wrong. Still, they are necessary because it is what you chose in this lifetime. You are moving through previously held limitations.

We will provide you with Roger’s, and possibly it would inspire you to find yours. Roger has long known that finding his autonomy was challenging. Through a source other than us, he was told that he feared his benevolent nature. While that may seem to be a bit ridiculous, it was purposeful in his life. You each are here, in this lifetime, to evolve more. We are using phraseology, you will understand.

We are giving Roger a statement that is somewhat shocking even for him. Roger feared if he unleashed his benevolent nature, he might harm others as it would avail him to innate power. Of course, the opposite was true, and his restructuring is happening, and making his choices about politics helped him own more of himself. You are doing the same, and it will be easier for you all when you know everyone is doing the same thing.

Remember, we told you yesterday how it all turns out.

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