You are not your parents

You are not your parents

February 17, 2020
You are not your parents. Please humor us with this message as many of you will not believe it or will find it difficult to perceive, so make it a fun game. Your world is in a constant state of evolution. It is easy for you to see this when you compare your world today to what it was even twenty years ago. This phenomenon occurs as a result of humans deciding to do something new and seek new awareness. For that to happen, you need to have some impetus to do so. Here is the part were you humor us.
Before you were born, you chose parents or parental situations that would provide you with a form of limitation you would break free of to evolve. Your parents were the perfect vehicles.

Yesterday Roger had planned an interview with a fellow coach that was to be streamed live. Roger was not comfortable with this technology, or most for that matter so that in itself would tell you what he would encounter. When the technical problems showed up, Roger reacted in a manner that was quite reminiscent of his parents, specifically, his mother. The other coach did not seem to have this reaction. Roger knew all too well this was his old perfectionistic mode coming through, instilled in him through his family, so now he has the opportunity to move through it.

The timing could not be more perfect as he is creating something today that will help many others, and we certainly didn’t want him to inject limitations. Whatever any of you are blaming your parents for, is also your gift. You’ll see.


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