You are not powerless

You are not powerless

April 1, 2020

You are not powerless. Yesterday we gave you a message that said you would no longer deny who you are. And while we are speaking through Roger to all of you collectively, you are meant to discover your own meaning. Much of this is challenging for Roger as he is confronting his insecurities, as you all are at this time. So we will bypass him.

Yesterday Roger decided to record a video to address the current levels of fear in the world. We gave him that inspiration, and while he was in the moment, he felt guided and connected. Immediately upon completing the video and sending it out, he practically needed to go to bed as it was so uncomfortable. Roger continually worries about how he might be perceived, so he is never able to embrace his power completely. This morning we led him to a video by Eckhart Tolle, who he admires greatly, and the video Eckhart presented was so close to Roger’s, you would think they conspired to create this. We used that word intentionally.

Then last night, Roger received a video offering a completely different point of view. It was a conspiracy theory of how and why you are all experiencing the current virus. Roger has often felt troubled by conspiracy theories since he discovered them in 1963 after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. These theories have existed throughout your history, but here is the good news; they are helpful and necessary. You and your world would never progress or evolve without contrast. Unfortunately, many of you take that to conflict due to your need to be right, which is why your religious organizations struggle to coexist. Yet still, even that is purposeful.

Then we led Roger to another video, which was of Bill Gates, who was named as someone involved in the conspiracy. In actuality, the opposite is true. In 2015, Gates attempted to warn you of what might occur but was ignored. The reason conspiracy theories gain popularity is that you all feel on some level a sense of dis-empowerment, so if you can blame another, your government, or anything else for your dilemma, you are let off the hook.

When we said, you would no longer deny who you are, you each will decide if you are for dis-empowerment or empowerment. It is the only question each of you will answer in your lives. Nothing is going wrong.


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