You are not normal

You are not normal

May 24, 2019

You are not normal, and please stop attempting to be so. You have no idea how happy we are to deliver this message. This message will aid you and all others who are open enough in their consciousness to receive its intended meaning.

Every person is born with an individual and collective role they wish to play in life. Every part is essential, and every one is unique. If that were not the case, none of you could choose to become more than you are now. That sentence will make sense later.

Now you chose a role that was intended to help others come to know and accept who they are. You then allowed circumstances and situations to show up in your life that would prepare you for that role. You all do this! We wanted the emphasis on that for it is also what you are here to teach.

To demonstrate how abnormal you are, we will refer you to an earlier message on codependency. Decades ago, you attended a group that was supposed to heal you of this affliction. You walked out as you couldn’t identify with something that seemed to tell you that you were trapped in situations based on some imagined frailties you might possess. You wanted to demonstrate that no situation, relationship, or circumstance can control you unless you make that choice. Keep performing your role.


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