You are not living up to your potential

You are not living up to your potential

July 11, 2020
You are not living up to your potential. Yes, we mean you as the individual and you as your world. The challenges that most of you have experienced in your lives, including Roger, has been not understanding your importance in the equation of evolution. Those words will make sense to you soon.

Yesterday at the end of a group discussion Roger held, we had him blurt out at the end, "you teach what you need to learn." There was a startled look on the faces of all in attendance, especially Roger, as he didn’t know why we had him say this. Now is a good time for us to further explain our use of pronouns. Roger is quite aware when his consciousness is speaking from his earthly understanding, which feels like his human self, but there are other times when information comes though he knows is not from his human self, and that would be us. That is why he will use the pronoun we. You each have your own "we’s" that continually speak to you, and you alternately choose to listen and other times not, which brings us to the point of this message. Also, because you have not understood this message in the past, your world is now in its present condition. If you do not believe that, it is further evidence you are not living up to your potential.

Last night, Roger was awakened by the sound of a groan. When he opened his eyes, he saw his roommate there experiencing another painful night. Roger decided he would sit through this with him as Roger has done this many times in his life, so he understands what is occurring, that not many others on the planet would. The same is true for you, but you have not acknowledged that, like Roger. As they sat in the living room in a state of meditation, Roger cried. Not from a feeling of sadness, but one of regret and recognition. Years ago, Roger’s brother asked him why he hadn’t spoken of this ailment or his ability to move through it. The answer is that Roger, just like you, never placed the value on his experiences and what he might offer to others because of them, but now he knows this for sure, and the title of this message will not be lost him or you.

Finally, you and the world are not falling apart; you have only been resisting your potential.

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