You are not living an accidental life

You are not living an accidental life

November 1, 2019

You are not living an accidental life. That sentence is true for every person, and if you don’t believe that, it is because you have decided to accept something else. Now you have done this because you have thought others posses or knew more than you, or you allowed the experiences of your life to frighten you. That is what Roger has done, and his example will help you, as you are to do for others.

Roger has had a life of many ups and downs, and because of that, he thought he might be doing something wrong, and that was why he struggled. Now what he knows is that his struggles all hold value, so even they were not accidental. What he has done, and you also do is not extract the value from those experiences.

The other day he had a call with a consultant in London who was astonished by Roger’s life story, and due to that conversation, Roger began to recognize his worth more. Then the same person sent him a video with Simon Sinek, which made the evidence of alignment in his life quite apparent. Simon spoke of the value of offering results from experience, and that Roger has, but was unwilling to own entirely.

Then Roger decided to create a contest, and the entries he received all expressed what they wanted to accomplish as well as what was preventing them from doing so. Everything that Roger knew firsthand. So, after all this time, Roger could now see nothing about his life was accidental, as it is not for any of you once you decide to seek that value from your experiences, and become willing to share it with others.


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