You are not crazy, and your life makes sense

You are not crazy, and your life makes sense

November 16, 2019

You are not crazy, and your life makes sense. First of all, we must apologize to Roger, for we awakened him so early today to gather this information. He resisted us, but at some point, he said, “I guess I’m getting up.” We are giving you this commentary to alert you to the importance of this message. The reason you were so eager to open this message based on its title is that every single human will question their grip on reality, or if they might be crazy. As we continue, there will be information some of you will receive that will cause you to make dramatic and effective changes in your lives. Enlightenment is always a choice.

Let’s begin here. The subject of this message came from a topic we gave Roger quite some time ago and told him it would be the topic of his Ted Talk. Roger never felt he could claim that to be true until yesterday. Also, many of you think that because Roger receives and publishes our words that it is easy for him. Nothing could be further from the truth. It has been torturous for us to get him to hear us, and give this information to others. He had yet to know the truth of these messages, so his belief was lacking. Yesterday we decided to prove it.

Roger had a client that was experiencing an emotionally difficult period in his life, and the client mentioned that at one point, suicide might have been easier. Now Roger recorded this session as he and the client wanted to use the content to share if anything of importance was gathered. Then before Roger went to bed, we had him watch the recording. Now everything made sense. Roger could see his previous challenges, difficulties, and delusions through his client. And he could not have done this without his gained wisdom from his experiences. Roger even felt vindicated! We did that on purpose. In the last several years of Rogers’s life, he had challenging
experiences that even he didn’t know why he was allowing himself to have them. Now he knew.

As he was able to offer support and encouragement to another due to his life experiences, his life had more importance and relevance. You all will come to this place and understanding. Trust us. And we will continue this conversation as it’s a bit too much for one sitting.


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