You are not an accident

You are not an accident

August 25, 2016

You are not an accident and nothing about your life is accidental. This message may be difficult for your to accept and understand at first, but if you do it will also be empowering.

This is taking you back to a conversation you were having the other day when others said they were told that their births were accidental. No births are accidental. You are the soul who decided to be born and your parents or whatever particular vessel or method you chose to use were of your choice, and your parents or whomever, decided to agree to be used for your passage here. That is a very different way to think of your incarnation.

When you think that you were an accident you may also feel that you were merely a victim of your own birth so to speak, and then you continue living your life in that manner. You had choice before you were born and do so now.


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