You are not a doctor and for a really good reason

You are not a doctor and for a really good reason

June 12, 2019

You are not a doctor and for a really good reason. First, we must commend you on your tolerance of us yelling at you until you finally decide to write what you are hearing, even when you don’t understand where we are taking you.

Here goes. Years ago, you decided to create a program to help others expand, and in it, you stated that you somehow put more credence on information that came from doctors. You all do this, and it is valuable. However, you miss the part where you are discounting what you know intuitively.

Decades ago, you studied information about the subconscious mind and the various points of view held by so many. You came to your own conclusion but had forgotten about it until it came to your memory during a presentation on Monday. You explained that the subconscious mind was merely earth or dirt. It contains the nutrients that will cause any seed you put in it to grow. The seeds you plant are your thoughts. Please teach this.

Then we “inadvertently” (we love saying that as most would see it as accidental) we had you hear Dr. Bruce Lipton, who explained what you did in a different manner. You sit here now, having moved through many physical illnesses to be healthier now, which must be for your reasons. Why do you think that is?

You all have unique, new, innovative, creative, transformational, revolutionary, existences that add to the fabric of all that is, and you each only ever need to believe this and do your jobs, and you’ll have everything you want.

You know when we are long winded it is an essential message.


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