You are living evolution

You are living evolution

June 28, 2020
You are living evolution. We know that may not seem to be a complete sentence to you, but this is how we meant it precisely. While you are in a constant state of evolution, there are times when it is visceral or more apparent to you, and that time is now.

We needed to take over more control of this message from Roger as his embarrassment, which he also knows is an essential element of his life journey, completely halts his progress at times. We said that sentence, so each of you would find the evidence of those words within yourself. You have lived a life of continual doubt as to who you might be or what you might achieve. We will also tell you that configuration is necessary and purposeful, for you would not know you had accomplished anything unless you doubted it initially.

That brings us to Roger’s living evolution so all of you might recognize it within yourselves. Some time ago, Roger mentioned a client had explained something to him that dramatically altered how he could deliver information that was more efficient and effective. You each were meant to progress from the achievements of those who came before, but you don’t believe you are capable. Then last night, Roger witnessed the evidence of information we had given him about others he was guiding that he never believed fully. In other words, the intuition he held manifested, and Roger then recognized the doubt he held before.

Every you that we used in this message is the collective you, and your life now. You all have feared change in your lives and the world, but once you release that, your new life and the world will be better than you can imagine now.

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