You are in the process of creating the world in which you wanted to live

You are in the process of creating the world in which you wanted to live

January 13, 2021
You are in the process of creating the world in which you wanted to live. We know those words may be challenging for many of you to accept at this time, but not for Roger or us, which brings us to the point of this message.

Each of you wanted to be alive during this time of global change so that you might change. The change you wanted was to become more of yourself and evolve. As we have said, you have done this many times, and this particular restructuring is the most significant many of you have experienced, so it is intense and powerful and again what you wanted.

Now you are tasked with asking yourself what it is you wanted to change? For Roger, he was unwilling to receive our information and offer it to you all where it would be useful. We will do so now.

Each of you is born to fulfill a portion of the evolution you wanted. There is no right or wrong in this, and each of you comes for your reasons, which may be quite different from even those close to you, and that is purposeful. You wanted to experience contrast so you could choose who you wanted to be.

The difficulty many of you have is believing that all are here to do the same thing, and then you judge others who do not share your view. We cannot do that, for we see all things as being connected. We have given Roger this information for decades, but he is only willing to accept it now as part of his restructuring.

Some of you are here to be benevolent, but you can only do that by observing those who are not. Please study those words, for they will help you move through the coming stressful weeks, but again, you will be fine.

We led Roger to a Kyron video this morning to put a cap on this, and the word revelation was mentioned. Roger knew that was a signal from us to find our message on the subject and leave it with you. Please note the date, for even though it was several years ago, you were meant to hear it now.

January 7, 2017
Your biggest revelation occurs when you discover what has been your biggest difficulty in life. Your biggest difficulty has been that you thought you needed to be someone else.

It is easy to understand how this occurred. When you come into the world, you must rely on others’ wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. However, you took that information and thought that it was required for you to mold yourself in precisely the same manner to be seen as viable or that you mattered.

The truth is you were meant to use those people as examples and use the information they provided to create something new, exciting, and original. That is you. Give yourself permission to do that now.

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