You are God

You are God

April 21, 2019

You are God. We wanted you to use the most uncomfortable title for this message for it is the one you have avoided, and it was the essential nature of your life purpose. You have known this and attempted to not speak on it, but today was different. You used the opportunity provided by this day, as it is when most of you decide to assign your power, rather than accept it within yourselves.

We had you notice this last night when you revisited the movie, “The Ten Commandments.” You were transported to your youth, and
specifically your grandmother. Now you saw programming and understood your difficulty moving out of it.

We are putting more specifics in this message, so you know it is not accidental. Forty years ago, we had you read a book, “Three Magic Words.” When you arrived at the end, you were shocked by what you read. Those three words are what you want to embody and offer to others. You are all God.


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