You are denying your talent

You are denying your talent

November 19, 2019

You are denying your talent. That statement is true for every human, and it is the state of human existence, which is crucial for evolution to occur. You will understand that sentence by the end.

We are going to use Roger’s story to illustrate our point. Now this story is challenging and confronting for him, but he also hopes that it will be the same for you as you accept it. More than thirty years ago, Roger received counseling that told him, “when a voice inside you is denied, your body will spake up for it.” Roger denied the voice and subsequently experienced numerous physical problems. Miraculously Roger recovered from them all and thought maybe due to that, he had something to offer the world, but he denied that as well.

Along the way, Roger noted that he avoided listening to certain speakers, most notably Tony Robbins and Lisa Nichols. When he began to hear Tony, Roger knew that if he had heard him before, he would have thought he was merely copying Tony’s information. What Roger discovered was the similarity. The other day, Roger created a part of a program he wants to deliver, and one person who has the questions from this program answered them and sent them to Roger. For the first time, Roger “saw” the effectiveness of what he had created, and previously doubted.

Two months ago, Roger was interviewed for an online series. He was waiting for it to be released, but last night he opened an email with the video as it had been released a while ago, and Roger didn’t see it, as he tends to do. He watched the video and judged himself for how transparent he was, and felt a sense of embarrassment. This morning we led him to Lisa Nichols. Lisa has no difficulty sharing and owning her story, and because of that, she is able to inspire millions.

Here is the best part. We told Roger to find a message, “Still small voice.” When he went to the website, he discovered that particular post was hacked and changed to spam. Roger replaced it with the correct one, and we will post it here. We did that to make Roger aware of how he has allowed others to hack his life because he has been denying his talent as you have. The still small voice will tell you.

Still small voice
August 13, 2016

A still small voice is one of those sayings or sentences you have heard most of your life. Certain sayings such as this live on or seem to resonate for you and many others because they hold some knowledge or wisdom awaiting your discovery. It will be helpful for you to develop your own interpretation now.

Still means that the voice is peaceful and also ever-present. Small means that it requires you to become quiet enough in order that you might hear it. The voice is always your own.

In other words, that still small voice is your voice that is offering you guidance and direction when you are willing to hear it. At times you attempt not to listen because it seems to be nagging you to do something. Now that is purposeful.


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