You are causing the world to evolve

You are causing the world to evolve

July 29, 2020
You are causing the world to evolve. Yes, we mean you. You will now understand why, over the last several months, we continued to emphasize that we are speaking to the collective you. We have recently sent so much information to Roger that he was experiencing difficulty receiving the information for two reasons. The first is his lack of belief in what we are telling him or his lack of belief in himself. The second is his generational path of evolvement. Some will not understand this, but some will. You have lived many lifetimes, and in each one you are moving through your individual limitations. And they are always limitations or would not be in a state of evolving.

We told you the United States would lead the way in the restructuring of the world that is occurring now. They are doing so because they are continuing to answer the existential question of whether I choose for me or the common good. We told Roger that he had no choice as he was listening to us, and we can only make one choice. Roger also knows that his ego does not always allow him to listen to us as you don’t listen to yourself.

We don’t have a choice because we know that whatever choice you make for yourself, you are making for all. When you examine your history, you cannot escape this fact. In your earliest civilizations, you labeled particular people to be greater or lesser than another. You did this by gender, sexuality, and ethnicity.

Over time you began to see that inclusion might be more productive. You didn’t even initially recognize that the ones you made lesser, namely the female gender, were the ones who sustained your existence. Gradually you made new choices, but because you fear change, you needed pandemics or world wars to do so.

Evolution occurs when you find balance first within yourself, and then it will be reflected in your world. The balance you are seeking within yourself is acceptance of every aspect of you. Can you see how that is the way forward in your world?

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