You are being forced to change

You are being forced to change

July 7, 2020
You are being forced to change. Well, at least that is how it may feel to you. First of all, keep in mind that in our recent past, we have continually used the collective you, meaning you are all connected and one so what we say to one will apply to all. Also, please be forewarned that due to the current conditions of your world of which we are fully aware, we will not add to your fear because we don’t hold it. What we do hold is great promise for you. Yes, you will find us being clever throughout this message.

We took Roger on such an incredible journey, and his telling of it will aid you all. Last night his roommate was in excruciating physical pain and really wanted to understand what was occurring. Roger knew full well, and we kept giving him the answers, but Roger could not say them because of his persistent passiveness in accepting our guidance and direction. What we said to him was his roommate, or should we say "you" have been in conflict with yourself over how you want to be seen in the world and how you want to show up in your life. The distinction here will bring each of clarity because you have done the same your entire life.

Now the reason you have done this is you refuse to change. When you refuse to change, you create resistance, which can lead to physical, mental, and emotional pain. Those experiences are the ones you wanted to urge you to become yourself. Yourself is a fully integrated being who appreciates your masculine and feminine energies equally, which creates balance, and then you evolve. Now what we would like each of you to do is reread that last sentence with the collective you held firmly in your consciousness. And understand that is occurring in your world now. This message was the condensed version, but of course, you know we are not done. You will be fine.

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