You are being forced to become yourself

You are being forced to become yourself

September 17, 2019

You are being forced to become yourself. We have given you various interpretations of this message, but we are repeating it for it is the one that Roger and most others have difficulty understanding or accepting. Of course, you are never forced to do anything in your life; however, if you think of your difficulties and challenges as the things that are doing the forcing, it will make sense.

This explanation will take a while for you to absorb but do your best. Be forewarned; it will be outside of your normal thinking. Before you were born, you decided on what you wanted to accomplish in the world, and how your contribution would not only cause you to expand and become more but also the world. Whenever you deviate from the “plan” you set forth, you allow challenges and difficulties to guide you back to what you wanted, and that is always becoming yourself.

For this to occur, some change on your part is needed. When you become willing to change, you won’t have to force yourself to do anything.


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