You are always becoming more and why you use drugs

You are always becoming more and why you use drugs

January 5, 2020

You are always becoming more and why you use drugs. We know that the title is provocative, and it took Roger a while to broach the subject. All of this will be for the benefit of everyone.
Roger has become such a willing participant on our journey, and we must commend him. We gave him some of this information years ago, and we called it selective memory. Yesterday we continued our documentary discovery, and this time it was Galileo. Even thinking of him should cause you to think of vision or seeing more. While studying Galileo’s life, Roger was further reminded of the control your religious bodies have exerted over the masses. You each carry what could be thought of as generational bias. Your ancient civilizations understood the value of the use of such mind-altering drugs, but that wisdom gained was curtailed as a means of controlling the populations. It is surprising that more of you have not come to this conclusion.

You experience your life through perceptions you have formed. Some of those perceptions are created out of fear, and you begin to believe the fear is your reality. Do not worry; this will make sense. Then you live in a limited dimension, so to speak, of your own thinking. Now when you ingest in whatever manner, a mind-altering substance, you avail yourself to what appears to you to be a higher level of consciousness. It is indeed that, but you also don’t need the drug to accomplish this. The difficulty some of you have is not understanding your intention in what you are doing. We will continue this discussion, but we will leave you with this thought. Coffee is a drug.


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