You are all slow learners

You are all slow learners

December 7, 2019

You are all slow learners. Roger was having such difficulty allowing this message to come through because he knew he was engaging in behavior and thoughts that didn’t serve him. He had such trouble that he searched our messages to find relief. Roger found many messages that helped, but we led him to the perfect one that as he studies it again, he will find relief.

The message was the problem with judgment, which we will place here. Please understand that ultimately, the person you must forgive is yourself. All humans tend to hold on to beliefs that don’t serve them because that feels safer than being wrong. You all will come to understand this, but be patient because, remember, you are slow learners.

September 1, 2017

The Problem With Judgment

This message will not necessarily feel that great to you at first, but when you decide to accept it and release your resistance, you will be granted the most enormous sense of liberation and expansion you could imagine.

You wondered why the Biblical reference of “let him who is without sin among you, cast the first stone,” was so apparent in your awareness. It was because you wanted to come to the understanding that whenever you find yourself actively involved in judging another, you also actively involved in avoiding your self-examination.

Even when your self-righteousness sneaks in, and you believe you are justified in your judgment, that is another guise in avoiding your self-examination of what you are doing in your life, which is the only thing that ever matters to you. Give this time.


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