You are all gods

You are all gods

October 19, 2019

You are all gods. We are so happy to deliver this message, and for some of you, this message will give you a double whammy of goodness. The reason we said we are happy is that it took a while for Roger to receive it, as he has withheld it for years. When Roger is in communication with us, he hears a lot of information. Before he was willing to have these messages made public, we had much more influence over the information that he would receive. As he published these communications, he had to process them through his ego, which is typically attempting not to allow him to be vulnerable. You all do this! You hear information and some of it you choose to believe, and some you are not ready to hear or don’t want to hear, and attempt to ignore.

Last night someone said to Roger, “I think you are God. No really. I think that might be true. You are so resilient”. Roger heard those words and felt himself recoil. He instantly changed the subject. Now because of his reaction, he could no longer dismiss the subject. We apologize for the length of this message, but it is crucial not only for you but for Roger.

Decades ago, he read a book, “Three Magic Words.” He got to the end of the book and read those words and felt the entire world opened for him. Then he spent years forgetting that ever occurred. You all have been hypnotized not to believe the words he read. Religions have taught you that those words could not be true, and if you believed them, you would be disobeying some sacred rule. In actuality, you have been disobeying a scared law. You have done this because you were taught conflicting ideas. First, you all have been influenced by this, whether or not you consider yourself to be religious. You are in the world, so you heard this. You are told, “You are born in the image and likeness of God.” But then you are told that those talents and abilities are only assigned to a few, so if you choose to believe those words about yourself, you are breaking that sacred rule. The opposite is true.

The three words Roger read so many years ago were. “You are God.”


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