You are a walking contradiction

You are a walking contradiction

May 19, 2019

You are a walking contradiction, but this is a favorable condition for you. All others do this to a degree so your example will aid them. Part of this message will be uncomfortable for you, but that will also be purposeful.

Yesterday, while working with several clients, you told them that all the experiences of their lives held meaning even when in their present experience, they may not fully understand why. You wanted them to know, as you stated; nothing has gone wrong for them, and the current experiences they were having were designed to lead them to a place in their lives they desire, but may have been resisting. Then you told them that the difficulty most people have is not being willing to be seen.

You then recorded a video and forgot everything you had told others, and wondered how you could have done this? You did want this condition to exist in your life for it is how you will aid others, even though your uncomfortableness.


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