You are a powerful creator

You are a powerful creator

August 7, 2019

At least now you know you are a powerful creator, and all you have to do is use that power in the effort of creating what you really want in your life. We are beginning with that sentence to answer a query Roger had from his recent experience. You all do this, and his example will serve you all.

There was a condition that existed in his life which involved another person. Roger felt they were not honest or forthright in their dealings with him. Roger held no viable manner of proving for sure what was occurring, so he was free to use his imagination to create a story he believed might be happening. Through what seemed to him to be happenstance events, the truth was revealed, which little resembled the story he had created. We might add, his story was far more hurtful to him. You all do this in so many aspects of your lives. But the grand finale comes when you discover your entire life is not what you thought. The story then revealed is always better, so no worry is needed, as Roger discovered. Please make up fun stories for


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