You are a farmer!

You are a farmer!

October 31, 2018

You are a farmer! This message will be a fun one to receive because you felt so much information coming through, but couldn’t figure out how it will all fit together. You and all others do this throughout your life, but many times you neglect to examine the events of your lives to find meaning and value that you might utilize. You have chosen to do so now.

Some time ago we gave you an exercise entitled, “design your life.” While you know the effectiveness of this exercise, you also thought it was to give to everyone else, but it was for you. Now when you explain why this works in your life, it will help others.

As you move through your life, you are continually planting seeds of thought of in your consciousness of what you want to manifest. Even if you not aware of this, you are doing it. Then you gave those seeds enough time to germinate, so they can blossom, and even in some cases bloom. You also knew the process would require a bit of time, but you also knew the manifestations of those seeds would eventually be evident.

You are doing this in your life now, and now you know why you are a farmer.


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