You and your world have not and will not lose anything

You and your world have not and will not lose anything

March 19, 2020

You and your world have not and will not lose anything. We will deliver some information that will aid a great many of you if you allow yourself enough openness to accept what we say. It took Roger a while to formulate the words, but we think it will work best with a story.

Some more than thirty years ago, Roger happened upon a course of study that provided him with an understanding that enabled him to view and move through his personal tragedies and those of the world with greater ease. The concept he was given was, no one ever dies before their time. And they only do so when it serves their individual life purpose and contributes to the evolution of the world. Now when he views events as your world is currently experiencing, his thoughts are that those who seemingly perished did so to aid some higher purpose of which they had no conscious awareness. But it was also an agreed-upon mission, so to speak. In every case, that collective mission is the deconstruction of your world in its current form.

For evolution to occur, what was in place must be removed. What is being removed is any force that would inhibit the progress of your world as a whole. You may find it difficult to accept this now, but revisit this message in a year, and what will come shining through is its truth. Now what you each fear most is your own death, and again, you will not leave your body before you agree to have that occur, and it will be at a time that is right for you and the world. All you are meant to do now is relax, embrace, and enjoy your now. This, too, "will" pass.


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