You and your world evolve through and because of fear

You and your world evolve through and because of fear

January 12, 2020

You and your world evolve through and because of fear. We know that title might be puzzling at first, but it will make sense. Many of you have come to believe that the presence or experience of fear is your biggest problem. You may now find the opposite to be true.

Yes, we had Roger write a book on fear, but on close examination, you will notice we led you to greater awareness through those very discussions. Recently, as we have mentioned, Roger found himself somewhat mesmerized by documentaries. It felt strange to him because many of them were concerning scientists, and Roger has never held an affinity for science itself. Last night we led him to Nikola Tesla. You each will seek others who have either come before, who have accomplished great things, and then find resonance or likeness with those individuals. You do this because of fear. You think there is something wrong with you because of the thoughts you have or inexplicable feelings. But you have also evolved because of that knowledge-seeking. Later in Tesla’s life, many felt he had lost touch with reality. Many have said the same to Roger, but now he feels he’s in good company. Many of you felt that just by reading those words.

We will explain this through an experience with Roger’s client. Roger could see their fear of newfound abilities and talents, but also they did not trust this. And that was due to the fear of the unknown. Roger said, allow yourself to become comfortable in this new space, and the fear will subside. That is what we are saying to each of you.


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